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Thermoelectric cooling gets fit for microtechnology

Scientists have significantly improved the processing of thermoelectric devices so that they become quicker, more reliably and suitable for integration in microchips. This represents a decisive step towards the broad application of thermoelectric components in microtechnology.

Nov 26th, 2018

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Building better batteries by borrowing from biology

Inspired by transport mechanisms found in living cells, researchers develop a novel crystalline material that rapidly conducts charged potassium ions, and may lead to cheaper and safer replacements for lithium-ion batteries in electronics and cars.

Nov 23rd, 2018

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Atom-by-atom construction of an artificial molecule

Using hydrogen lithography, researchers have constructed an artificial molecule that both meets the electronic structure definition and demonstrates a nontrivial geometry: a cyclic atomic configuration spanning three dimer rows.

Nov 21st, 2018

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