Laser scribed graphene for supercapacitors

(Nanowerk News) In a new publication in Opto-Electronic Advances ("Laser scribed graphene for supercapacitors"), researchers led by Professor Min Gu from the Centre for Artificial-Intelligence Nanophotonics (CAIN), University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, China summarize recent developments, current challenges and future advancements of supercapacitors based on laser scribed graphene.
Supercapacitors, which have safe and fast charge (in seconds) and high energy storage are promising in application for consumer electronics, hybrid electric vehicles and industrial power management.
Recently, laser scribed graphene has been increasingly studied for supercapacitor applications. With the laser scribing process, graphene can be directly fabricated and patterned for supercapacitors.
Supercapacitor based on laser scribed graphene
Supercapacitor based on laser scribed graphene. (© Opto-Electronic Advances)
The authors summarize facile laser scribing methods for graphene and the application for electrochemical double-layer capacitors, pseudo-capacitors and hybrid supercapacitors.
Other featured supercapacitors with excellent flexibility, miniature and integrated functions are also reviewed. Recent development of supercapacitor based on laser scribed graphene are discussed demonstrating that laser scribing technology can simply induce graphene and simultaneously pattern graphene electrodes for supercapacitors.
This easy and cost-effective fabrication method demonstrates great potential for commercial supercapacitor applications.
Source: Compuscript
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