Posted: September 8, 2009

Art inspired by nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) NanoResponse – new artwork by Patrick Millard, inspired by nanotechnology:
Patrick says: "The coming era of nanotechnology has become increasingly essential to current scientific and futurist thought. Small scaled devices called nanobots will one day be put into the body and respond to our biological systems, truly binding the organic and synthetic nature of our bodies. These nanobots may help us ward off diseases, enhance our memories, reduce signs of aging, increase physical dexterity and perform a wide range of other tasks.
NanoResponse incorporates the sound from Generative Behaviors. These are musical compositions composed by the computer that are ever-changing and require no assistance from the human creator once fundamental elements are set and the system begins to extrapolate them. This begs the question of the notion of artistic merit being granted to a work generated by the computer. Who is the creator?
The graphic element of the work involves a responsive nanobot. By listening to and interpolating the audio levels of Generative Behaviors the nanobot limits and expands its range as instructed by the audio output. The response given to the audio replicates the behavior a Microbivore [nanobot white blood cells] would perform in your body when you become ill. Likewise, a Respirocyte [nanobot red blood cells] can aid in the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body. If, for instance, you suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning in a fire, Respirocytes would release into your blood stream to jump-start your system.
Nanotechnology will alter our concept of what it means to be human. NanoResponse suggests that we should not
Source: Patrick Millard
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