Nano foil brightens screen

(Nanowerk News) Engineers of the European research project NaPanil have modified the glass surfaces on the micrometric and nanometric scale in order to control the path of the light.A unique innovation that could soon become part of our daily lives.
The geometrical light path can be manipulated or a single light beam can be diffused into homogenous illumination. The result: The intensity of the emitted light is distinctly and visibly increased. NaPanil project coordinator Prof. Jouni Ahopelto from the Finnish Microsystems Nanoelectronics VTT: "The nano-imprinting technique opens new perspectives for different kinds of applications, notably thanks to the complex 3D structure of the printed surface."
Nano-imprinting can be used for computer screens and cell phones. Further applications are the integration into windows in order to illuminate rooms completely with natural sunlight or the use in the automotive industry. Within the project, the Italian carmaker FIAT has tested the technology in a new display that was integrated directly onto the windshield of a car.
Source: By Corinna L├╝cke, Youris