CNST releases inaugural version of [email protected] research faculty handbook

(Nanowerk News) The Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) released the inaugural version of the [email protected] Research Faculty Handbook, featuring information on more than 150 U of I nanotechnology researchers and collaborators and also highlights some of the leading micro and nanotechnology laboratories and federally-funded multidisciplinary centers.
nano@illinois research faculty handbook
"In recent years, nanotechnology research has taken center stage at Illinois, with more than 150 researchers engaged in micro and nanotechnology research at the campus. Prior to the development of the handbook, it was a challenge to know who was involved in nanotechnology, but not anymore," said Irfan Ahmad, executive director of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST), and acting assistant dean for research for the College of Engineering. "The revised version of the handbook is being distributed campus- and nation-wide. "It has already stimulated new cross-campus partnerships."

"When we set out to establish CNST in 2001-02 in collaboration with colleagues at the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory, the Coordinated Science Laboratory, and the Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory, we had envisaged CNST to be a clearing house for nanotechnology," said Ilesanmi Adesida, dean of the College of Engineering, the CSNT founder, and a current co-director. "This handbook accomplishes just that and much more; it will go a long way in further raising the profile of nanotechnology researchers at Illinois."

"We had always envisioned this handbook to be a resource for faculty researchers, graduate students, campus administration, industry, and state and federal agencies. The release is a culmination of these efforts packaged in a nicely developed reference handbook," said Rashid Bashir, director of Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory who serves as a CSNT co-director.

"While reviewing the inaugural issue of the handbook, I was impressed at the way the information was structured for maximum benefit, while highlighting the research thrusts and faculty college and departmental affiliations," said Jozef Kokini, associate dean of Research, College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences.

A PDF of the [email protected] Faculty Handbook can also be downloaded here. A limited number of hard copies can be requested by sending email to [email protected]; additional copies are available at cost.
Source: University of Illinois
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