CKMNT to launch 1st edition of Indian nanotechnology industry directory

(Nanowerk News) The Centre for Knowledge Management of Nanoscience & Technology (CKMNT) is going to launch 1st edition of directory on Indian nanotech Industry – 2012 at the 5th Bangalore Nano, 2012 on December 6, 2012.
One of the mandates of CKMNT includes generation of reliable thematic databases relevant to the field of nanoscience and technology. In this context, there has been a particularly growing demand from various nanotechnology stakeholders for a comprehensive listing of nanotechnology companies in the country.
To address this need, Centre for Knowledge Management of Nanoscience & Technology has taken the initiative to collect and compile a well-researched database of nanotechnology companies in India in the form of a first-of-its-kind Directory listing companies in India that are active in the area of nanoscience & technology.
This very first edition of the Directory lists about 300 companies from private, public and Government sectors, but this number is likely to grow significantly, given how dynamic the growth of nanoscience and technology has been.
Source: CKMNT
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