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Molecular graphene architectures see the light

Utilizing self-assembly on atomically flat, transparent substrates, a team of scientists has engineered ordered monolayers of molecular networks with photovoltaic responses. The findings open up intriguing possibilities for the bottom-up fabrication of optoelectronic devices with molecular precision.

Posted: Mar 2nd, 2016

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A new way to stretch DNA

A technique called acoustic force spectroscopy uses standing sound waves in a fluid channel to tug on DNA and other biomolecules in a precise and easily controllable way, revealing information about the molecules' structure and mechanical properties.

Posted: Mar 1st, 2016

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New direction urged to improve cancer nanotechnology

Researchers involved in a national effort to develop cancer treatments that harness nanotechnology are recommending pivotal changes in the field because experiments with laboratory animals and efforts based on current assumptions about drug delivery have largely failed to translate into successful clinical results.

Posted: Mar 1st, 2016

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New 2-D material could upstage graphene

The new material is made up of silicon, boron and nitrogen - all light, inexpensive and earth abundant elements - and is extremely stable, a property many other graphene alternatives lack.

Posted: Feb 29th, 2016

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