Posted: July 1, 2009

Resonant tunneling diode simulation with NEGF

(Nanowerk News) Simulation of devices at atomistic scale is today very important as, in the last years, semiconductor devices dimensions are approaching typical lengths of a few nanometers. Those devices cannot be simulated by means of traditional simulators based on continuum approaches.
RTDNEGF is the nanoHUB tool dedicated to the simulation of Resonant Tunneling Diodes by means of the increasingly popular Non-Equilibrium Green Formalism (NEGF). The tool can be found at:
>e conduction band and resonances of a RTD
e conduction band and resonances of a RTD
Numerically speaking, NEGF is strongly dependent on the quality of the energy grid utilized for the calculations. This is why the tool has been recently improved and can now simulate devices with refined energy meshes – which means better and more reliable results.
The improvement has been developed by Jean Michel Sellier, a member of Prof. Klimeck group at Purdue University. He says that the tool is still at a early stage but it is already able to simulate technologically relevant devices from an engineering point of view. He is presently working on the improvement of some other parts of the tool which should get some new interesting features very soon.
Source: nanoHUB
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