Basque public nanotechnologies agency nanoBasque launches new website

(Nanowerk News) The Basque Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism has released a new website – nanoBasque.
Nanoscience, micro and nanotechnologies are the catalyst of major qualitative and quantitative changes in industry that will bring us new products and processes that we can't even imagine today.
The Basque Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism is fully aware that now is the time to invest in the future. Therefore, through the nanoBasque Strategy, the Department is working to accelerate the adoption of micro- and nanotechnologies in Basque companies to increase competitiveness in the leading areas of economic activity and promote the diversification of our industrial fabric.
The strategy is an open and integrative proposal that covers three main action areas:
  • business development
  • knowledge generation
  • sector dynamization
  • These activities are undertaken in the following four strategic areas, which are considered to be key concepts for roll-out of the strategy:
  • materials
  • micro-nano-bio convergence
  • facilitatory tools and techniques
  • environment, health and safety
  • Source: nanoBasque