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Funding fuels search for nanotechnology energy solutions

The 1-year-old Institute for Intelligent Energy Systems at UT Dallas has received its first major research grant: a one-year, $1.25 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy to explore the use of nanotechnology in electrical energy storage.

Posted: Nov 1st, 2010

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SOCMA Nanotechnology Coalition endorses NanoSafety Consortium for carbon

The Nanotechnology Coalition, affiliated with the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA), is pleased to announce its support for the NanoSafety Consortium for Carbon (NCC) and the SOCMA Nanotechnology Coalition's new designation as a supporting institute/association under NCC's by-laws.

Posted: Nov 1st, 2010

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Winners announced in 2010 Collegiate Inventors Competition

Recognizing the innovative ideas of today's college and university students, the Collegiate Inventors Competition, a program of Invent Now, announced that a way to implant human liver cells in mice to facilitate drug testing and a way to manufacture composite structural poles have won top honors in this year's competition.

Posted: Oct 30th, 2010

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Study of behavior of nanoscale semiconductor crystals

The PhD thesis by Carlos Echeverria Arrondo, Doctor in Physics from the Public University of Navarre and entitled 'On doped semiconductor quantum dots and magnetic nanowires', studies the behaviour and properties of nanometric-scale semiconductor crystals.

Posted: Oct 29th, 2010

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Engineering professor debuts nanogenerators for biomedical devices

Imagine a world where pacemakers never need new batteries and a walk through a park keeps your mp3 player at full charge. Dr. Yong Shi, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, is developing the technology to make those dreams a reality.

Posted: Oct 28th, 2010

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