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Making better enzymes and protein drugs

Researchers have shown that there is an anti-correlation between the number of aggregation prone regions (APRs) in a protein?s sequence and its solubility, suggesting that mutational suppression of APRs could provide a simple strategy to increase protein solubility.

Posted: Feb 29th, 2016

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Mammalian fertilization, caught on tape

Using a new microfluidic device called the 'IVF chip', scientists obtain the first images with both high spatial and temporal resolution of the initial steps of fertilization.

Posted: Feb 29th, 2016

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Using a microchip to build a first-ever artificial kidney

A researcher is making major progress on a first-of-its kind device to free kidney patients from dialysis. He is building an implantable artificial kidney with microchip filters and living kidney cells that will be powered by a patient?s own heart.

Posted: Feb 15th, 2016

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