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Tracking down air pollutant effects on your smartphone (w/video)

Did you ever see pollution level indicators displayed in big European cities? The EXPOSOMICS project is looking to make them obsolete. Not only will their technology determine the exact impact of pollutant exposure on our health, but it could eventually land in your pocket - as a smartphone app.

Posted: May 6th, 2014

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Widespread hydrogen fueling infrastructure goal of H2FIRST project

As hydrogen fuel cell vehicles continue to roll out in increasing numbers, the infrastructure for fueling them must expand as well. To this end, a new project launched by the Energy Department will work in support of H2USA, the public private partnership introduced in 2013 by the Energy Department and industry stakeholders to address the challenge of hydrogen infrastructure.

Posted: May 6th, 2014

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Power to gas: Storing the wind and sun in natural gas

An option to store the electricity won from sun and wind is to use it for the production of chemical energy carriers. Still, the power-to-gas process is far from being economically efficient at the moment. The HELMETH EU project is aimed at demonstrating that efficiencies of more than 85 percent can be achieved by better using the synergies of existing process steps.

Posted: Apr 22nd, 2014

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Climate Action Plan steps up sustainability strategy

As the global importance for a low-carbon economy grows urgent, Cornell has posted its most aggressive carbon-reduction strategy to date: the Cornell Climate Action Plan Update and Roadmap 2014-15. The plan focuses on climate neutrality, academic innovation and leadership, clarifies next steps for a dozen future key maneuvers, and highlights five dozen additional carbon reduction actions.

Posted: Apr 17th, 2014

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