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Research alliance produces working test chips in 7-nm technology

Researchers from IBM Research, SUNY Polytechnic Institute's Colleges of Nanotech Science and Engineering and partners including GlobalFoundries and Samsung have produced advances that will enable the semiconductor industry to pack about twice as many transistors on the chips that power everything from data-crunching servers to mobile devices.

Jul 9th, 2015

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Ultra-thin, all-inorganic molecular nanowires

The development of metal oxide-based molecular wires is important for fundamental research and potential practical applications. However, examples of these materials are rare. Researchers now successfully created ultrathin all-inorganic molecular nanowires, composed of a repeating hexagonal molecular unit made of Mo and Te; the diameters of these wires were only 1.2 nm.

Jul 8th, 2015

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Engineers give invisibility cloaks a slimmer design

In a new study, electrical engineers have designed a cloaking device that is both thin and does not alter the brightness of light around a hidden object. The technology behind this cloak will have more applications than invisibility, such as concentrating solar energy and increasing signal speed in optical communications.

Jul 7th, 2015

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A new approach to develop highly-potent drugs

A new approach to develop highly-potent drugs which could overcome current shortcomings of low drug efficacy and multi-drug resistance in the treatment of cancer as well as viral and bacterial infections.

Jul 7th, 2015

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