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The world's most advanced bionic hand

A prosthetic hand, which provides a sense of touch acute enough to handle an egg, has been completed and is now exploited by the NEBIAS project after 10 years of research.

Nov 6th, 2014

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Robot sherpas to save lives in the Alps (w/video)

Scientists are working on robots that are expected to save lives in calamity situations in the Alps. The emphasis within this SHERPA project is on cooperation between human rescue workers, the ground robot with a robotic arm and flying robots.

Oct 10th, 2014

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Where humans, animals and robots meet

A thriving technology trend applies the concept of animal swarms or swarming to the development of complex systems that bridge the gap amongst disciplines as dissimilar as biology, robotics or networking.

Sep 30th, 2014

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Scientists make droplets move on their own (w/video)

Droplets are simple spheres of fluid, not normally considered capable of doing anything on their own. But now researchers have made droplets of alcohol move through water. In the future, such moving droplets may deliver medicines, etc.

Sep 29th, 2014

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