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Stealthy robots: spying on wildlife just got real

The ability to track wildlife in natural environments while remaining undetected poses many technological challenges. The goal of CSIRO's "robotic stealthy tracking" project, however, is to directly address these challenges.

Feb 19th, 2013

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How to build a bionic man

The bionic man featured in a Channel 4 documentary this week may not be a realistic copy of a human - but robots prompt questions about what we want from our most sophisticated machines.

Feb 8th, 2013

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VGH first in Canada to use superbug-killing robot

She's just 5'5" and quiet, but don't let her demure looks fool you - she's a ruthless killer who moves at the speed of light. Meet Tru-D, the newest member of Vancouver General Hospital's (VGH) Housekeeping and Infection Control teams.

Feb 7th, 2013

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