Radiological Technologies University plans first Master's of Science in Nanomedicine degree program

(Nanowerk News) Radiological Technologies University VT, located in South Bend, Indiana is pleased to announce the approval of the first Master's of Science in Nanomedicine degree program in the country.
The formal approval was granted today through the Indiana Commission for Postsecondary Proprietary Education. Nanomedicine is the medical application of Nanotechnology which focuses its work at the cellular level to do everything from repairing tissue, to cleaning arteries, to attacking cancer cells and viruses like AIDS.
The RTU Nanomedicine program is the first of its kind in the country by combining Nanotechnology with an emphasis on Medical Physics.
Radiological Technologies University offers degree programs ranging from a Bachelor's degree in Medical Dosimetry to Master's of Science degrees in Medical Dosimetry, Medical Physics, Medical Health Physics, and Nanomedicine.
If you have questions about Radiological Technologies University you may contact their offices located in South Bend, Indiana at 574-232-2408 or email [email protected]
Source: Radiological Technologies University
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