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How DNA alarm-system works

Researcher managed to clarify how DNA damage signaling works. The DNA molecule is chemically unstable giving rise to DNA lesions. That is why DNA damage detection, signaling and repair, collectively known as the DNA damage response, are needed. DNA repair consists of enzymes which find the damaged DNA and repair it. Some of them recognize the damaged bases and give signals to the other enzymes, which repair the DNA.

Mar 30th, 2015

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Report: Photosynthesis hack needed to feed the world by 2050

Using high-performance computing and genetic engineering to boost the photosynthetic efficiency of plants offers the best hope of increasing crop yields enough to feed a planet expected to have 9.5 billion people on it by 2050, researchers report in a new study.

Mar 26th, 2015

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From blue pill to blue light

Researchers have developed a novel biotechnological solution for erectile dysfunction: a gene therapy that triggers reliable erections.

Mar 23rd, 2015

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How does nanotechnology work?