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Researchers establish proof of concept for an entirely new approach to drug design

Exploring the fundamental mechanism by which a cell-surface receptor transmits its signal, researchers have established proof of concept for an entirely new approach to drug design. They report that a class of synthetic molecules known as diabodies can, from outside the cell, latch onto a target receptor and manipulate it in such a manner as to induce distinct and varying effects within cells and tissues.

Mar 16th, 2015

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Chemists discover an unlikely connection

Researchers have managed to bond positively charged phosphorus atoms with positively charged hydrogen ones. Their insight may prove pivotal to understanding how biologically important molecules such as DNA and proteins form properly.

Mar 13th, 2015

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Getting to the origins of photosynthesis

Researchers examined the evolution origins of the D1 protein in cyanobacteria, which forms the heart of Photosystem II, the oxygen-evolving machine of photosynthesis. The research team selected all known D1 sequences from cyanobacteria and also representatives from algae and plants to compare the protein sequence variation.

Mar 10th, 2015

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How does nanotechnology work?