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Nanoscale one-way street for light

An optical device at nanoscale which allows light to pass in only one direction has been developed by researchers. It consists of alkali atoms which are coupled to ultrathin glass fibres.

Dec 14th, 2015

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Diagnostics with birefringence

A new rapid test can detect not only malaria parasites but also viruses such as HIV or Ebola, diverse bacteria or biomarkers, like glucose or cholesterol.

Dec 13th, 2015

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You can have your conductor and insulator, too

By carefully tuning the chemical composition of a particular compound, researchers have created a 'topological crystalline insulator', whose bulk acts as an insulator but whose surface conducts electrical currents through a process that is related to the coupling between the motion and spin of electrons.

Dec 11th, 2015

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Quantum physics problem proved unsolvable

A mathematical problem underlying fundamental questions in particle and quantum physics is provably unsolvable, according to a new report. The findings are important because they show that even a perfect and complete description of the microscopic properties of a material is not enough to predict its macroscopic behavior.

Dec 10th, 2015

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