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The nanoscale magic of structural colors

structural-colorsDiscover the nanoscale science behind nature's vivid structural colors. This article unravels how nanostructures like photonic crystals manipulate light without pigments to generate colors in organisms. Learn how researchers apply these bioinspired designs to develop advanced optical technologies.

Aug 8th, 2023

New flexible sensor could enable continuous health monitoring

sensorResearchers develop flexible health sensor with game-changing sensitivity. Integrating photoconductor and organic transistors enables exponential signal boost, allowing accurate continuous monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure during normal daily activities.

Aug 3rd, 2023

'Drycells' promise to transform single cell research

drycellResearchers have developed 'drycells', microdroplets that encapsulate single cells in a powdery shell. This breakthrough enables easy cell picking and has potential to advance tissue engineering and precision medicine.

Aug 1st, 2023

Unleashing the power of metal-organic frameworks for next-gen catalysts

mofResearchers make a breakthrough in the field of catalysis, harnessing the potential of MOFs to create structurally ordered metal promoters. This groundbreaking study paves the way for more efficient and selective catalysts, revolutionizing various industries from energy to manufacturing.

Jul 27th, 2023