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A step toward renewable diesel

Chemical engineers have genetically reprogrammed a strain of yeast so that it converts sugars to fats much more efficiently, an advance that could make possible the renewable production of high-energy fuels such as diesel.

Jan 17th, 2017

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Protein research: the computer as microscope

Using a combination of infrared spectroscopy and computer simulation, researchers have gained new insights into the workings of protein switches. With high temporal and spatial resolution, they verified that a magnesium atom contributes significantly to switching the so-called G-proteins on and off.

Jan 16th, 2017

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Multiregional brain on a chip

Researchers have developed a multiregional brain-on-a-chip that models the connectivity between three distinct regions of the brain. The in vitro model was used to extensively characterize the differences between neurons from different regions of the brain and to mimic the system's connectivity.

Jan 13th, 2017

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How does nanotechnology work?