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Molecular chameleons reveal bacterial biofilms

Molecules that change colour can be used to follow in real-time how bacteria form a protective biofilm around themselves. This new method may in the future become significant both in medical care and the food industry, where bacterial biofilms are a problem.

Nov 23rd, 2016

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Scientists successfully create blood from skin cells

Researchers have artificially generated new mouse blood and immune cells from skin cells. This is a significant first step towards the eventual goal: the engineering of new human blood cells from skin cells or other artificial sources.

Nov 21st, 2016

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Last-line antibiotics are failing

On the occasion of the 9th European Antibiotic Awareness Day, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is releasing its latest EU-wide data on antibiotic resistance and antibiotic consumption. In 2015, antibiotic resistance continued to increase for most bacteria and antibiotics under surveillance.

Nov 18th, 2016

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Biomass-based chemicals

Scientists will study potential uses of the carbon contained in biomass and of the carbon dioxide arising as a by-product in industrial production. The project is aimed at developing a novel process chain for the synthesis of the basic chemical substance methanol.

Nov 10th, 2016

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