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Roll-to-roll fabrication of flexible printed perovskite solar cells under ambient conditions

flexible-solar-cellResearchers have been able to successfully replace the expensive metal layer of the top electrode of perovskite solar cells with a less-expensive carbon-based electrode that can also be applied using roll-to-roll techniques. This new electrode deposition method involves the deposition of carbon and silver on a detachable plastic (PET) substrate first, with the dried electrode then pressed onto the top of the perovskite solar cell. The PET layer is then removed and can be reused.

Sep 29th, 2022

Solar power for space applications

solar-energy-in-spaceThe systems that generate power for spacecrafts either in Earth orbit or for other solar system and deep space destinations belong to the critical components of every mission. The huge improvements in photovoltaics over the past decades has paved the way for the exploitation of solar cells also for satellites traveling into deep space beyond Mars. 2D materials show a high potential for both PV and radiation-resistant materials and 2D materials-based solar cells will be a likely future technology for space applications.

Jul 19th, 2022

Upcycling strategy turns discarded solar cells into thermoelectrics

solar-cell-wasteResearchers estimate that global PV module waste, 90% of which are made from crystalline silicon, will reach 1.7-1.8 million tonnes by 2030 and 60-78 million tonnes by 2050, which will likely reach the same order of magnitude as global electronic waste. A novel upcycling strategy adds value to this otherwise economically low-value waste silicon. With proper chemical doping, it allows silicon waste to be turned into high-performance thermoelectrics for heat energy harvesting.

May 16th, 2022

Perovskite photovoltaics for a greener Internet-of-Things

flexible-solar-cellOrganic and perovskite solar cells are very promising energy harvester for indoor Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications as the requirements that solar cells should satisfy to power IoT devices are quite different to the ones usually deemed necessary for application in outdoor-placed solar panels. The size of the single solar cell used in IoT applications is much smaller, and in combination with the lower power input available in low-light indoor settings as well as the emission spectra of light sources other than the sun, renders the need for high conversion efficiency paramount.

Apr 28th, 2022

Fabrication of perovskite solar cells with just a piece of paper? A new method tells you how! (w/video)

flexible-photovoltaicsPerovskite semiconductor solar cells are a very exciting photovoltaic technology possessing similar efficiencies to silicon but cast or printed in thin films via liquid inks. Researchers have developed a new method that uses a simple sheet of paper to deposit the perovskite films that does without any expensive equipment. The trick to achieve high performance with this remarkably cheap method is to soak the paper applicator in anti-solvent which almost doubles efficiencies compared to when using it dry, reaching 11% on flexible plastic substrates.

Feb 15th, 2022

New technique paves the way for mass production of perovskite solar cells

perovskite-dilutionScientists have demonstrated a technique for producing perovskite photovoltaic materials on an industrial scale, which will reduce the cost and improve the performance of mass-produced perovskite solar cells. The technique, which uses spin coating by designing a co-solvent dilution strategy, is low-cost, simple, energy-efficient, and should pave the way for creating perovskite solar cells. This work demonstrates that these existing technologies could be used to create perovskite solar cells.

Jan 31st, 2022