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Novel platinum nanostructures

Greatly expanding on previously reported work on platinum nanostructures, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories just released a new paper describing a range of novel platinum nanostructures with potential applications in fuel and solar cells as well as nanotags in biomedicine.

Mar 31st, 2006

Nanocarriers could become an alternative to brain surgery

If you had brain tumor, would you rather receive your medicine through an injection in the arm or have a hole drilled in your skull? One of the most important applications of nanotechnology could be drug delivery by nanoparticles (or nanoshells) in particular into the brain. An international group of researchers developed a novel targeted nanoparticulate drug delivery system for the brain

Mar 13th, 2006

Bionanotechnology progress and advances

A new review highlights the recent advances and progress in bionanotechnology by providing examples of current state-of-the-art research and then takes a look at the future perspective for the field.

Mar 1st, 2006

Nanoparticle-stabilized liposomes

Liposomes, man-made cells used as drug delivery vehicles, would be more useful if only they could be stabilized against fusion with one another. Researchers at the University of Illinois told Nanowerk that they succeeded in doing exactly that - they stabilized phospholipid liposomes with charged nanoparticles, thereby opening up interesting functional perspectives.

Feb 28th, 2006