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A new way to target sepsis and metastases via a common molecular target

two-vialsNew research reveals that the fundamental processes driven by copper are consistent across both inflammation and cancer metastasis. This newfound understanding of the influence of copper on cellular plasticity may pave the way for innovative therapeutic strategies in the future.

May 17th, 2023

Innovating efficient artificial antioxidases for stem cell therapy

Scientists have designed a novel biocatalyst as an artificial antioxidase to improve stem cell transplantation outcomes and offers an efficient, multifaceted, and robust artificial antioxidase for broad-spectrum ROS scavenging and has the potential to enhance stem cell-related therapies and address various ROS-mediated diseases.

Apr 5th, 2023

Accelerating diabetic wound healing with innovative metal selenide ROS biocatalysts

biocatalystResearchers have developed an effective nanomedicine for catalytic ROS-scavenging and ultrafast healing of inflammatory wounds. This groundbreaking work holds the potential to pave the way for developing artificial biocatalysts to treat chronic inflammatory diseases, ultimately improving the lives of millions of diabetic patients worldwide.

Mar 29th, 2023

Small but mighty - the vast potential of RNA nanotechnology

rnaRNA nanotechnology is an emerging field that combines the unique properties of RNA with the principles of nanotechnology to create new and innovative applications in medicine, biotechnology, and materials science. Here we give an overview of RNA's potential in drug delivery, diagnostics, vaccine development and gene therapy.

Mar 15th, 2023

A (South) African perspective on nanomedicine development

South-AfricaNanotechnology has the ability to completely transform the health care sector, particularly in developing countries like South Africa, where access to effective healthcare is still a challenge for millions of people living in poverty-stricken environments. Many African countries, despite having policies and strategies in place, struggle to allocate sufficient resources for research in nanomedicine. Most of the research conducted on the subject in Africa is focused on academic interests, rather than practical applications.

Jan 15th, 2023

Incongruent results from proteomics core facilities compromise nanoparticle protein corona research

heatmapIts significance of the protein corona for biomedical applications lies in its role of imparting a unique biological identity to the nanoparticle, which could be very different from the pristine nanoparticle surface. Robust characterization of the identity and abundance of the protein corona is entirely dependent on liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectroscopy. Unfortunately, the variability of this technique for the purpose of protein corona characterization remains poorly understood.

Nov 3rd, 2022