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'Drycells' promise to transform single cell research

drycellResearchers have developed 'drycells', microdroplets that encapsulate single cells in a powdery shell. This breakthrough enables easy cell picking and has potential to advance tissue engineering and precision medicine.

Aug 1st, 2023

Biomolecular nanomotors for precision medicine

nanomotorResearchers explore nanomotors as a biomolecular toolbox to propel precision nanomedicine forward, introducing various propulsion mechanisms to advance diagnostics, drug delivery, and cancer treatments.

Jul 25th, 2023

Nanotechnology fuels next wave of vaccine development for animal health

nanoparticlesThe potential of nanotechnology in the development of vaccines for animal infectious diseases is immense and with continued research and development, nanotechnology could revolutionize the field of animal vaccine development, offering more effective strategies in combating animal infectious diseases.

Jul 20th, 2023

The promise of liquid crystals for biomedicine

liquid-crystalsLiquid crystals show promise for innovative biomedical applications like drug delivery, bioimaging, tissue engineering, implantable devices, biosensing, and wearables. The unique properties of these dynamic materials at the interface of solid and liquid could improve human health.

Jul 19th, 2023

A new way to target sepsis and metastases via a common molecular target

two-vialsNew research reveals that the fundamental processes driven by copper are consistent across both inflammation and cancer metastasis. This newfound understanding of the influence of copper on cellular plasticity may pave the way for innovative therapeutic strategies in the future.

May 17th, 2023

Innovating efficient artificial antioxidases for stem cell therapy

Scientists have designed a novel biocatalyst as an artificial antioxidase to improve stem cell transplantation outcomes and offers an efficient, multifaceted, and robust artificial antioxidase for broad-spectrum ROS scavenging and has the potential to enhance stem cell-related therapies and address various ROS-mediated diseases.

Apr 5th, 2023