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Posted: Nov 18, 2011

Application charts for nanoclays, graphene and nanocoatings

(Nanowerk News) The folks over at Future Markets, Inc., a technology consultancy firm, have added several new topics to their series of commercialization charts on nanotechnology and nanomaterials.
The charts offer a succinct picture of the level of commercialization for nanotechnoogy and nanomaterials, by application and industry. The latest charts deal with applications of nanoclays, graphene and nanocoatings:
Applications of nanocoatings
This chart refers to end user markets nanocoatings companies are targeting their products to. The figures are the number of nanocoatings companies developing products in that particular end user market. For example out of the 250 plus nanocoatings application developers worldwide, 65 of these companies are targeting medical applications for their coatings, as of November 2011. This information was accrued from a comprehensive survey of nanocoatings companies.
market for nanocoatings
Applications chart for nanocoating companies.
Applications for graphene
The exceptional electron and thermal transport, mechanical properties, barrier properties and high specific surface area of graphene and combinations thereof make it a potentially disruptive technology across a raft of industries. In 2010, there were over 400 patents issued on graphene and 3,000 research papers published. The European Union is funding a 10 year 1,000 million euro coordination action on graphene. South Korea is set to spend $350 million on commercialization initiatives and the United Kingdom has announced investment of 50million in a new commercialization hub.
The following information refers to end user markets graphene companies are targeting their products to, by percentage. This information was accrued from a comprehensive survey of graphene companies.
market for graphene
Applications chart for graphene companies.
Applications for nanoclays
The following information refers to end user markets nanoclays companies are targeting their products to, by percentage. This information was accrued from a comprehensive survey of nanoclays companies. Nanoclays has been used in various polymer systems including epoxy, polyurethanes, vinyl ester, etc. Main applications at present are in polymer-clay nanocomposites for packaging materials with significantly improved strength and barrier properties. Applications are also found in the aerospace and automotive industries. Ballistic performance is an important issue for the survivability and damage tolerance for aerospace and automotive structures; polycarbonate-layered silicate nanocomposites have been developed for improving the ballistic impact strength in these industries.i Main products on the market are:
  • Laponite (Hectorite type clay)
  • Optigel (Hectorite type clay)
  • Somasif (Montmorillonite clay)
  • Lucentite (Montmorillonite clay)
  • Sumecton and Kunipia (Sumecton is a saponite and Kunipia is montmorillonite type clay)
  • PDM 780/800 (Taeniolite type clay)
  • Nanolin DK
  • Pural (Hydrotalcite type clay)
  • Nanoter (Philosilicate)
  • Nanomer (Montmorillonite type clay).
  • market for nanoclays
    Applications chart for nanoclay companies.
    Source: Future Markets
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