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Colored antioxidant contact lenses could prevent eye disease

eyeEmbedding antioxidant nanoparticles that mimic enzymes into colored contact lenses creates an eye shield that protected against cell damage and inflammation in animal studies, presenting a new way to prevent vision-threatening eye diseases.

Sep 28th, 2023

3D Prints join the dark side and vanish

3DprintingResearchers have developed a new method to 3D print microstructures that can be stabilized by light or erased by darkness. The advance could lead to responsive materials and structures with controllable properties.

Sep 27th, 2023

Revolutionizing computing with ionic transistors

chipResearchers have created the first-ever 16x16 array of ionic transistors that operate in an aqueous electrolytic solution. This demonstrates the potential of aqueous ionics to enable new low-power, bio-inspired computing modalities.

Sep 15th, 2023