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New method revolutionizes low-cost production of van der Waals nanosheets

Researcheres have developed a groundbreaking method for high-throughput mechanical exfoliation, enabling low-cost production of van der Waals nanosheets. The technique offers a significant advancement in the scalable fabrication of low-cost devices while maintaining excellent performance.

Jun 29th, 2023

Next-generation memory storage with novel block copolymer structures

geometrical-shapesResearchers are advancing high-density memory storage with an innovative method to form block copolymer structures. By pushing boundaries with unique tetragonally packed inverted cylinders, these novel structures bring us one step closer to ultra-compact future memory devices.

Jun 28th, 2023

Advanced flexible materials made from nanocellulose

nanocelluloseComprehensive analysis of nanocellulose as a promising component in the development of advanced flexible materials. Emphasizes potential applications in electronics, energy storage, and biomedicine, and investigates the challenges and future perspectives in the field.

May 16th, 2023

New printing technique could democratize printed electronics

Researchers have developed a low-cost and simple method for printing electronics using regular pens and a benchtop plotter. This technique allows for the use of virtually any solution-processable nanomaterial ink without the need for expensive equipment or ink optimization, making printed electronics more accessible.

Apr 8th, 2023