Nanotechnology Spotlight Guest Articles: Our Contributors

(in alphabetical order)

Prof. Santanu Mahapatra (Nano Scale Device Research Laboratory, Department of Electronic Systems Engineering)
machine-learning 'Using machine intelligence to find the charge density wave phases of any 2D material'
nanomaterial 'New theory unveils obscure nonvolatile resistive switching in 2D materials'
2D-electrode-material 'Machine Learning assisted computational discovery of two-dimensional energy storage materials'
transistor 'MXene with its X factor may help downscaling 2D transistors'
machine-learning 'Massive Monte-Carlo simulation guided data-driven model for 2D Curie temperature'
Ineke Malsch (Malsch TechnoValuation)
developing_world 'Small is beautiful? Nanotechnology solutions for development problems'
water 'International cooperation in environmental nanotechnology - example water purification'
Dr. Maximilian Martin (Impact Economy)
energy_transition 'Leverage nanotechnology to speed up the energy transition'
Matteo Martini (Martini Tech)
EUV_lithography 'The long and tortuous path of EUV lithography to full production'
electronics 'The end of silicon as material of reference for power electronics devices'
Dr. Jean-Pierre Matthieu (The Innovation Society)
Europe 'Overview of regulatory and voluntary measures for the handling of engineered nanomaterials in Europe'
Prof. Xianwei Meng (Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
cancer_therapy 'Insights into the microwave non-thermal effect for tumor therapy'
phototherapy 'New insights into highly effective combination of microwave dynamic and thermal therapies against cancer'
Dr. Jan Mertens (University of Cambridge)
gold_nanosandwich 'Graphene controls color of nano-sandwiches'
Michigan State University (Molecular and Organic Excitonics Lab)
quantum_well_system 'Single crystalline epitaxy of all inorganic lead-free halide perovskite paves the way for high-performance electronics'
wave-nanogenerator 'Matryoshka-inspired hierarchically structured triboelectric nanogenerators for wave energy harvesting'
gripper 'Smart soft robotic grippers enabled by self-powered tribo-skins'
Dr. Sebastian Müller (Institut Curie)
two-vials 'A new way to target sepsis and metastases via a common molecular target'
Dr. Steven Mufamadi (Nelson Mandela University)
cancer-nanotechnology 'Graphene-based nanomaterials for the next generation cancer theranostics'
MRNA 'Nanotechnology-based mRNA vaccines: From the fight against COVID-19 to cancer immunotherapy and HIV vaccines'
South-Africa 'A (South) African perspective on nanomedicine development'
Simona E. Hunyadi Murph (Savannah River National Laboratory)
nanoparticle_contrast_agent 'Gold-manganese nanoparticles for targeted diagnostic and imaging'
Dr. Richard Muscat (Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute, University of Washington)
nanopore_sequencing 'DNA sequencing reaches new lengths'
Prof. Igor Nabiev (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne)
'Lab-in-a-drop - controlled self-assembly of nanocrystals'
Nanyang Technological University (Nanyang Technological University)
biolaser 'A disposable, washable living laser printed on chip for drug screening'
National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET)
carbon_nanotubes 'Moisture enhances ammonia sensitivity of carbon nanotubes'
graphene_nanoelectronics 'Femtosecond laser creates nanoelectronics on graphene'
exhaling-breath 'Carbon nanotubes pave the way for human breath analysis of lung disease'
carbon-nanotube 'Femtosecond laser converts metallic to semiconducting carbon nanotube'
Dr. Anton Nikitin (Stanford Synchotron Radiation Laboratory)
hydrogen 'New carbon nanotube hydrogen storage results surpass Freedom Car requirements'
Osaka Prefecture University (Department of Physics and Electronics, Osaka Prefecture University)
flow-sensor 'Observing flow distribution over curved surfaces'
plant-sensor 'Probing plant health status using flexible sensor systems'
flexible-electronics 'Flexible hybrid sensor systems with feedback functions'
flexible-electronics 'Toward perdurable flexible electronics'
sensor-system 'A wearable, wireless feedback sensor system to track body conditions'
Università di Padova
comet '4D nanomedicine based on biodegradable and biocompatible nanoalloys: difficult as catching a comet!'
Dr. Malay Pal (Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)
cell_inside 'Driving nanomotors through road blocks inside living cells'
Dr. Jayshree Pandya (Risk Group)
stealth_plane 'From nanotechnology to nano-defense'
Dr. Jisha Chandroth Pannian (University of Porto)
waveguide 'Guiding light with geometric phase'