Nanotechnology Spotlight Guest Articles: Our Contributors

(in alphabetical order)

Prof. Pagona Papakonstantinou (School of Engineering, Ulster University)
graphene 'Simple green production of high quality graphene nanosheets and quantum dots in bulk amounts'
Prof. Fernando Patolsky (Tel Aviv University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology)
nanonose 'The supersensitive detection of explosives by nanowire nano-nose arrays'
Dr. Varun Penmatsa (Florida International University)
nanopillars 'Novel electrochemical sensing platform based on graphene encrusted 3D microstructures'
Dr. Ramakrishna Podila (Clemson University)
doped_graphene 'Defect-engineered graphene improves supercapacitors'
University of Porto ( Institute of Physics for Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology and Photonics (IFIMUP), University of Porto)
vortex 'Novel magnetic nanostructures for emerging biomedical applications'
Prof. Andrei Postnikov (Université de Lorraine, France)
shapes 'Longitudinal acoustic vibrational modes favour new applications of metallic nano-objects'
Sagar Prabhudev (McMaster University, Canada)
nanocatalyst 'Ordered intermetallic core-shell nanocatalysts are promising designs for fuel cells'
Dr. Mingbo Pu (Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
optical_catenaries 'Optical nanostructures inspired by architecture'
Queen’s University Belfast (Institute for Global Food Security, School of Biological Sciences)
coated_gold_nanoparticles 'Switching peroxidase activity of gold nanoparticles to detect proteolytic biomarker'
Dr. Bharath Bangalore Rajeeva (Cockrell School of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin)
microbubble 'From origin of life to materials genomics'
Dr. Vishnu D. Rajput (Southern Federal University, Russia)
plant-cell-nucleus 'Environmental challenges and future perspectives of metal-oxide nanoparticles'
Daniel Lewis Ray (University of Colorado at Boulder)
carbon_nanotube 'The end of the silicon era? Carbon nanotubes, the next great leap'
atomic_layer_deposition 'Atomic Layer Deposition - a true and tested nanotechnology'
sensor 'Turning agricultural biowaste into high-value 3D-printing materials'
Akram S. Sadek (Caltech Computational & Neural Systems)
neural_probe 'Using piezoelectronics to wire thousands of neural nanosensors into a single optical output'
Dr. Abhay Sagade (Dept. of Engineering, University of Cambridge)
graphene_sensor 'Record high sensitive graphene Hall sensors'
bars ''Multiplex number' as a new figure-of-merit for non-volatile resistive memory devices'
Prof. Dietram A. Scheufele (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
public_opinion 'Nanotechnology and public opinion'
Dr. Zoë Schnepp (Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces)
biotemplated_leaf 'A magnetic leaf'
Jack Seaberry (University of Victoria)
molecular-dynamics 'Ultrasound-induced polymers'
mRNA-vaccine 'Nanotechnology's role in the race to find a Covid-19 vaccine'
quantum-computing 'Piezoelectric energy absorption in quantum interfaces'
Dr. Raj Shah (Koehler Instrument Company)
agriculture 'The latest nanotechnology advances for agriculture'
polymer-chains 'Sustainable polymer nanocoatings: An innovative concept'
drops-on-leaf 'Technological improvements in lubricant development due to recent advances in nano additives'
Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
afm 'Programmable doping of 2D materials by nonvolatile ferroelectric domains'
photodetector-image 'A new fabrication route for blackbody-sensitive room-temperature infrared photodetectors'
photodetector 'Unipolar barrier photodetectors based on van der Waals heterostructures'
photodetector 'Van der Waals infrared photodetectors based on 'optical' and 'electrical' combined manipulations'
Shenzhen University (various Colleges and Schools)
cancer_nanomedicine 'Light-activated black phosphorus hydrogel releases cancer drugs'
optoelectronics 'The rise of 2D non-layered materials in optoelectronics'
black_phosphorus 'The marriage of metal ions and black phosphorus - a new generation of semiconductor transport materials'
nanosheets 'Black phosphorus analogues: Emerging photoelectric materials'
phosphorene 'The rise of phosphorene analogue optoelectronic materials'
2D-material 'Beta-lead oxide quantum dots'
photoresponse 'Broadband nonlinear photoresponse of 2D titanium disulfide for ultrashort pulse generation and all-optical thresholding devices'
antimonene_nanosheets 'Antimonene-based all-optical modulator'
spray 'Polymer composite film for ultrafast photonics'
nanotube 'Tellurium@Selenium nanotube heterojunctions as promising material for photodetectors'
twisted-angle-photodetector 'Physicists realize a tunable photoresponse in twisted bilayer lead iodide homostructure'