Nanotechnology Spotlight Guest Articles: Our Contributors

(in alphabetical order)

Singapore University of Technology and Design
memory_cell 'New version of memory could power AI phones, smart devices'
Dr. Luciano De Sio (Universitá della Calabria)
photonic_liquid_crystal 'Controlling the diffraction of light by using light'
plasmonics 'Towards smart plasmonics'
thermometer 'A smart nanothermometer'
LCPDLC_film 'Liquid crystalline polymer dispersed liquid crystals'
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
molecules 'Super-resolution in ultrafast scattering'
Prof. Sirirurg Songsivilai (National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC), Thailand)
Thailand 'Nanotechnology development in Thailand: Meeting society's needs'
SRM Institute of Science and Technology
solar-absorption 'Enhanced light absorption in silicon by phase engineering'
Prof. Luyi Sun (University of Connecticut)
fold_simulation 'Bioinspired mechanochromic devices (w/videos)'
University of Sydney Nano Institute
protein-corona 'Protein corona determines fate and cytotoxicity of nanoparticles'
Technical University of Denmark
circular_pn-junctions 'A two-dimensional electron microscope inside graphene'
dots_on_graphene 'Self-organizing graphene nanodots'
graphene_ege 'Perfect edges in graphene devices sabotage the Hall effect'
boron_hexide_nitride 'On the edge: turning graphene into a molecular toggle switch'
Texas A&M University (Department of Biomedical Engineering)
bioprinting '3D Bioprinting 101: Making bioprinting more accessible'
Wim van Thillo (imec)
radar_sensor 'What if ... we had radar that recognized us from the way we walk?'
Harald Throne-Holst (National Institute for Consumer Research, Norway)
nano-nina 'Consumers, nanotechnology and responsibilities: Operationalizing the risk society'
Prof. Chris Toumey (University of South Carolina)
feynman 'Feynman and nanotechnology - anniversary reflections'
religions 'Nanotechnology and religion'
Tsinghua University
perovskite 'Improving OER performance with novel electrodeposited perovskite electrocatalysts'
graphene_mesh 'Topological defects make metal-free nanocarbon promising for zinc-air batteries'
li_metal_anode 'The formation of stable solid electrolyte interphases on lithium metal anode'
cathode_material 'A self-healing rechargeable battery with ultralong cycling life'
electrode 'Design of lithium plating matrix for a dendrite-free lithium metal battery'
anionic_regulation 'Anionic regulated electrocatalysts for water oxidation'
waveguides 'Meta-waveguides for advanced integrated photonics applications'
Technische Universität Berlin
2D_carbon 'Scalable engineering of 2D porous carbons from solid-state mechanical grinding/ball milling'
United States Naval Academy
liquid_crystals 'Using graphene as transparent electrodes and alignment layers for liquid crystal devices'
liquid-crystal_modules 'Scientists use transparent graphene electrodes to cleanse ionic impurities in liquid crystal displays (LCDs)'
hexagonal_boron_nitride 'Scientists use 2D h-BN nanosheets as the planar-alignment agent in a liquid crystal device to improve its optical transmission'
LCD 'Vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays stabilize homeotropic liquid crystal devices'
University of Antwerp
topological_superconductor 'Confined topological superconductors host novel chiral states'
2D-material 'Hydrogen induces high-temperature superconductivity in a monolayer material'
moire-pattern 'How tiny misalignments in encapsulated graphene lead to a strong modification of its electronic properties'
hematene 'Is hematene worth pursuing?'
aging-superconductors 'Ultrathin superconductor ages like fine wine'
chiral-condensate 'Like Moses parting the sea: spontaneous segregation of a superconducting quantum fluid revealed'
graphene-buckles 'Buckled graphene provides an alternative for strongly correlated phenomena in graphene'
gold-nanoparticles 'What is the effect of temperature on a catalytic gold nanoparticle?'
helixal-nanorods 'A new method to quantify structural helicity in chiral nanoparticles (w/video)'
crystal-structure 'Scientists create a heterostructure of diversely behaving atomic layers within a single bulk material'
University of California, Los Angeles
heat-sink 'Cooling high power electronics - boron arsenide spreads heat better than diamond'
University of California - Riverside (Bourns College of Engineering)
two-terminal-device 'Quantum-material-based proton-irradiation-immune electronics for space travel'
graphene-EMI-shielding 'Electromagnetic interference shielding with graphene composites for 5G-and-beyond communication technologies'
nanofibers 'Unique properties of 1D van der Waals materials - electromagnetic interference shielding with electrically insulating composites'
charge-density-wave-domains 'Electrical gating of the charge-density-wave quantum phases opens up innovative electronic applications'
nanoribbons 'One-dimensional Weyl semimetals as unique topological materials for future electronics'
composite-material 'Quantum composites - new type of composite materials with unique properties defined by quantum condensate effects'
University of Idaho
electron_transport 'Research highlights sustained electron transport kinetics of graphites for at least 9 weeks'
University of Illinois at Chicago
quantum-dot-model 'Core/shell nanoparticles as efficient reducing agents'
quantum-dots 'Delivering semiconductor quantum dots into live cells'
quantum-dots 'Type II 'giant' quantum dots have record breaking lifetimes'
University of North Carolina Charlotte
nucleic-acid-nanoparticles 'Designing nucleic acid nanotechnology for targeted immunostimulation in human cells'
quantum-dot-assemblies 'Intracellular activation of RNA interference upon DNA-driven organization of quantum dot assemblies'